VICUS was born in 2015, when Marco Lazzaroni transformed his aesthetic conception into practice, his living room into an atelier, and started working on his real passion: handcrafted leather.

VICUS’s production aims at the finest quality of entirely handcrafted goods. The products are the original unification of a minimal and modern aesthetic conception with one of the oldest textile traditions. Behind the principal aims of VICUS’s production lays the essential eco-ethical attempt to regenerate the Swiss Made, which in the last decades has been totally eclipsed by the delocalisation of bigger enterprises in “more exploitable countries”. VICUS’s products represent the old traditional Swiss values of production, such as rigor, precision, and the meticulous attention given to details in the manufacturing process. Marco Lazzaroni is a member of the Federazione Artigianato Svizzero (Swiss Craftsmanship Federation), certifying thus a high degree of Swiss quality.

Thanks to the completely handcrafted manufacturing of the leather, every single product is authentic, unique, and made to last. VICUS’s production uses the traditional handcrafting technique of the harness makers, well known for its resistance and duration. After the handcrafted sewing, the edges of the leather are smoothed, polished, and treated with natural products in order to give to the final good an additional protection and degree of quality.

VICUS’s products are made exclusively of the finest and more traditional Italian leather, which is the vegetable-tanned leather of Tuscany. This natural leather can be distinguished by its smell and feel. Over time, it ages but it does not compromise the beauty and the resistance, it remains alive, transforming itself to the use it is given. The "vacchetta" we use is the best available, it does not have toxic substances for humans or the environment that cause allergic reactions. It is ecological, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

VICUS wants to give to the customer an alternative to the so-called fast fashion industry and wants to give back to human beings the possibility of engraving their life into timeless, authentic, and ecological products.