The Leather

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VICUS wishes to restore the dignity of the leather into the market. Leather is a fascinating material, which absorbs the tracks of our life revealing, from generation to generation, the good and noble sign of time and human history. Although during the decades the leather products mutate their colour and shape, the ageing does not compromise the beauty and the resistance of the creation, rather, it makes them even more fascinating, beautiful, and living. The leather is metaphorically comparable to the human face, since both tell who they are, where they have been, and how they have lived.

VICUS’s products are made exclusively by the finest and more traditional Italian leather, which is the vegetable-tanned leather of Toscana. Such leather has received the certificate of excellence and quality by the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale (True Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium). The vegetable is not only the most traditional and ancient way of tanning, but also the most ecological method in the global leather production. These days this ecological type of tanning represents only the 10% of the total manufactured leather in the world. The remaining 90% has been instead tanned with chromium, a chemical and polluting product preferred by bigger enterprises, since it is faster and cheaper.

 The vegetable tanned leather is made by a long manufacturing process using the substance of the tannin, which is extracted from trees and plants. Tannin is the central element that permits to confer a distinctive quality of the manufactured leather. Thanks to the naturalness of the whole process of production, the vegetable-tanned leather presents tiny irregularities and colour shades that distinguishes each piece of leather from the other. Furthermore, if the colour and the personality of this natural leather change, with us and as us, during the course of our existence, the quality and the resistance of it remain on the contrary untouched. The vegetable-tanned leather is completely natural: it does not have toxic substances for humans or the environment. That is to say that once it has reached the far end of its existence, it can be easily re-assimilate into the natural cycle of biological elements.

If you are the kind of customer that pay attention to the eco-ethical questions on the one hand, and to the quality of the products on the other, you can escape the fast industry of the capitalistic fashion distinguishing yourself by buying a timeless, authentic, and ecological product in our store.