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Mair Tote Bag

Authentic artisan craftsmanship at its very best! From the sustainable leather to the finished product Vicus is working with the utmost diligence and love for the craft. The result is a piece of art and a trustworthy daily companion, as simple as that! Highly recommendable.

I love this camera strap

I carry my camera everywhere and this strap is a joy to use, its perfect!

Alessia Collovà



I ordered the Amicus backpack in black and opaque and I was blown away by the details and quality. It is so high-end and looks so amazing live. Thank you so much to the Vicus team - I’m so happy with my new bag and the entire experience with you, from the visit on your homepage, to order, tracking, delivery and product.

Happy with my new belt !

I’m very satisfied with my new black belt: classic, discrete but chic !
The packaging is also super nice and the handwritten (and personnalized!!) text makes it extra great !
Grazie mille !

Beautiful craftsmanship

This is a simple item, but it was beautifully made and is a pleasure to own

Even if you smoke, maintain your style.

Actually, I don't like my partner smoking, but I still purchased it as a Christmas present for him. Nothing would make him happier than a cigarette after dinner. I enjoy seeing how focused he is when carefully rolling a cigarette. The tobacco, paper, and filters, however, are kept in a poor plastic bag.

A fine leather cigarette purse is really difficult to find on the market. I just happened to discover one here. In 2022, it ends up becoming my partner's favorite gift, he takes it everywhere and enjoys displaying it in front of others. I realize it's a bit of a brag, but he likes:)

The finest wallet I have ever had.

I had some doubts about whether the wallet would actually live up to the photos, especially for the leather material. When I initially touched it, it quickly allayed my concerns. Both the craftsmanship and the leather quality are superb. I'm delighted it's the one that could stick with me for the foreseeable future.

Fantastico! Qualità ottima e nonna contentissima!

Awesome product - great quality

Great product. Excellent craftsmanship. Coherent details and processing. You can literally smell and feel the quality of the leather!


We randomly discovered Vicus during a trip in Mendrisio and my girlfriend was amazed by the beauty of the Vicus bags.
I gave her the Florentia tote bag for Christmas and she really likes it.
The bag is wonderfully handcrafted.


VICUS produces best in class products. I own and have admired many leather items and I think I know what I’m talking about. My collection ranges from vintage military to modern top-branded. I’m sorry if the rest of my review sounds overly negative, but I have had bad experiences a number of times when buying luxury goods, so that I now hate many leading brands (I think they are immoral in the way they sell junk at overinflated prices). For example, I have Montblanc ‘Augmented Paper’ costing well over £600. Montblanc uses adulterated (plasticised) leather on the outside, and artificial leather on the inside. This is an utter disgrace and not clearly declared to prospective buyers. ‘Precious resin’ is just plastic, and ‘gold trim’ is just plated brass, don’t be fooled. My experiences have not all been negative though: most of my other items are very good and I’m very pleased with them. However, I can confidently state that I have never seen better leather and better craftsmanship (at any price), than the items produced by VICUS (I currently own two VICUS items). Well done and please never conform to the money-grabbing immoral trend of mainstream fake-luxury.

Rody Frédéric

Can wait offering this one to my love 😍

Professional card holder

This works well also as a business card holder. It is professional with an air of detail, quality, and minimalism.

Sleek laptop case

This case is soft on the inside to protect the laptop and fits the laptop perfectly to avoid bulk. It is nice to have a case that finally does my laptop justice.

Minimalist wallet

This wallet is perfect for carrying the essentials and for use within smaller purses. The design is beautiful and classic.

High quality belt

This belt is a perfect option with the ability to customize the color, belt buckle, and even have monogrammed.


Come sempre prodotti bellissimi, curati e di qualità: evviva!

This is an amazing Backpack

The attention to detail, craftsmanship and leather are of the highest quality, i own this backpack since a Month and it has been a joy to use. I requested for my name to be stamped inside and for it to fit a 2021 16" m1 Macbook pro wich it does! This is an amazing backpack! Thank you for putting so much effort into it!
-edit: its been a few more months and i am still filled with joy everytime i use it. Its been my daily companion and i wouldnt want it any other way, the leather ages beautifully! Really great work!

Bellissimo zaino, ottima qualità

Regalato alla mia compagna, non se ne separa più! Zaino con stile e perfettamente costruito. Il cuoio è di ottima qualità, così come le rifiniture!

Just great!

The quality of the product is great and my leather goods feel like new after using it!

Amazing craft and quality

Vicus products never dissapoint! I ordered the strap with a modification and personalization request and I was absolutely impressed with what I got! Thank you Marco for the great care you create your products with! I am an absolute fan of yours and your work and I can't wait to order another product again!

Great Wallet!

The leather is super high quality, I have never felt such smooth leather before.
Requested mine to be crafted with 8 card slots instead of 6 since I carry a lot of cards with me. Cards fit in nice and snug, they are not going to fall out anytime.
The cash pocket is very deep too! Likewise, I feel like my cash is not going to fall out.
Photo was taken 3 weeks after receiving the wallet, its got some wear in it already.
I look forward in taking care of this wallet for long, long time!

Profumo di pelle

Inebriata dal profumo del pallame! forma, dimensione e colore perfetti! La mia nuova borsa preferita!! Grazie 🙏🏻

Valentina Lodovini