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Embark on an Artistic Journey with VICUS Leather Workshops

Life is a tapestry woven with experiences, and at VICUS, I extend a warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in the captivating art of leather crafting. Unleash your passion for craftsmanship and creativity in a hands-on exploration of your handcrafting skills together.

At the core of VICUS workshops is a commitment to preserving tradition, providing you with an understanding of the intricate process behind creating an object from scratch. My goal is to make you a conscious consumer, encouraging thoughtful evaluation of your purchases. Whether you are a novice eager to explore or an experienced artisan seeking to refine your skills, my workshops welcome enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Step into a hands-on learning environment where theory seamlessly blends with practice. The essence of my leather workshops is to impart extensive knowledge about the world of leather and ensure you depart with a tangible creation crafted by your own hands. From fundamental techniques to advanced projects, each workshop is carefully curated to cater to your specific interests and skill level, guaranteeing a comprehensive learning experience.

Explore the world of leatherworking with me and discover the joy of bringing your ideas to life. Whether you're fashioning a bespoke bag, mastering intricate stitching techniques, or delving into the art of tooling, my workshops are meticulously designed to spark your creativity and deepen your appreciation for this timeless craft.

Discover the artistry within you at VICUS Leather Workshops – where tradition meets innovation, and every creation tells a unique story. Let's craft unforgettable experiences together.

Option 1: Group Workshop
- Duration: 6 hours (2 sessions of 3 hours each or 3 sessions of 2 hours each).
- Small group (maximum 5 people).
- Choose from a variety of objects to make, including keychains, organizers, cardholders, and more.
- Learn the basic techniques of leatherworking.
- All necessary materials and tools are provided.
- Cost: 240 CHF

Option 2: Individual Workshop
- Variable duration depending on the chosen project (4/6 hours for small objects, 10/20 hours for larger objects).
- Customized scheduling based on your personal needs.
- Learn both basic and advanced leatherworking techniques.
- All necessary materials and tools are provided.
- Cost: 50 CHF/hour

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