• SFr. 40.00

Introducing ALIVIA, your stylish and elegant shelf hanger that just screams class. Crafted with an exquisite combination of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather straps from Tuscany and solid wood, it will add a vibrant touch to any room in your home. Simple yet sophisticated, ALIVIA is sure to be the new statement piece of your household. Its unique design adds character and personality to any area, making for an eye-catching feature wherever you choose to put it. And not only does it look great - this shelf is incredibly sturdy; its leather straps provide extra reinforcement to keep it securely in place. So don’t wait - add some flair and style to your home with ALIVIA!

You will receive the leather straps, only. The leather has holes punched to screw through. Wood shelves and screws are not included.

Available in two options:

- Full set of four straps: three pieces to anchor to the wall and one to hang to the wood (as represented)

- Set of two leather straps for a single shelf

The leather straps in the pictures are about 100 cm x 3 cm, in Dark Brown color.

***Please let me know if you need other sizes or if you want me to provide also wood and screw

The straps are handcrafted by one man. Because of this, all products are made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for production time.